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Our Story

Justin & Gaia

Justin is a certified dog trainer and IACP affiliate with over a decade of experience. He obtained his certification at Canyon Crest K9 Training in Tacoma, WA, where he worked with all breeds and temperaments, including high aggression.


Justin's journey into dog training began when he was a new dog owner and enrolled his then young pup, Porter, into a group class to help him manage Porter's very high energy. When given no instruction or advice, he was told to release Porter into the group for play. Unsurprisingly, the results were less than stellar and the "trainer" told Justin to get control of his dog.  "Isn't that what you're supposed to teach me?" he asked. The reply was that Porter couldn't be helped. Unsatisfied and disbelieving, Justin sought out to learn dog training and the rest is history!

Sadly, this story is not uncommon. Many of our clients have also "failed" group classes, been told their dogs "can't be helped" or are "too much."  We have been the last resort to more than a few owners and we have cherished the opportunity to change their lives.​

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help people live their best lives with their best friends. We teach you how to do that through effective communication using a variety of simple, practical tools. We provide the ABC's of training: accountability, boundaries and consistency.

Dog training has a few different dimensions depending on what you need or want from your dog: 

  • Are there behaviors you need to stop?

  • Would you like your dog to listen better no matter the situation?

  • Do you want to go on a nice, quiet walk without your dog pulling you around the block?

  • Are you interested in learning how to create a fun activity you and your dog can do together?

  • Do you want to trust them off-leash for some play time at your local park?


All of this starts with one thing: sharing a common language with your buddy.


Torben & Gaia
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