Our Services

Behavioral Modification

  • Does your dog show aggression? We’re the place to come! You won’t get kicked out of class because your dog is currently making bad choices. What we will do is show you how to teach your pooch to make better choices. We’ll show your buddy that biting isn’t the right choice to make. Then show him which choices will be rewarded.

  • Are they fearful? Let’s teach them the confidence they need to come hang out without being afraid of everything.

  • Maybe they’re just too excitable and can’t contain their exuberance. We’ll teach them how and when they need to be calm, and when it’s appropriate to go all out have some dog gone fun!


  • Leash work. We teach you a unique leash technique you’ll use to show your dog exactly what you’re asking of them by directing them into the behaviors you’re looking for.

  • House rules. Leash skills are all well and good but how should a dog behave at home?  We’ll show you!

  • Structured play. How to use their favorite activity to have fun while making their obedience solid.




  • Have a pooch who needs more than a quick walk and a game of fetch? Dogkour takes your walks to the next level by making the whole world an obstacle course for your pooch to navigate.


Board & Train

Quick start your dog's learning! Whether it is good manners and basic obedience or you are dealing with a behavior issue that is difficult to handle, our board & train program allows us to give your dog the structure and constant training they (and you!) need to be successful. 

We make an initial assessment and develop a tailored training program for your dog. Visits are scheduled for you to participate in guided training sessions.  We teach you the same methods we use in training your dog. 

Private Lessons

We provide tailored individual lessons for you and your dog(s). The training may include behavior modification and obedience depending upon your needs and goals. We work with all breeds and temperaments, including aggressive and anxious/fearful dogs.


We use proven positive, balanced dog training methods to  teach you how to communicate effectively with your dog. You set the goals and we give you the tools, guidance and consistency to reach them!



 Dogkour™ is an awesome way to develop your dog's skills and bond with your dog while having some fun!  Train your pooch to jump hurdles, run up A-frames, scamper across elevated walkways and more. It gives your pooch something to focus on and somewhere to channel their energy. 

Benefits from Dogkour™ include confidence-building, self-control and improved dog-owner communication. Additionally, it can help improve overall demeanor and behavior.